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Experience one of the best ultras in the world

What is Ultrabug?

Ultrabug is a 100km 3-day, fully supported ultra marathon  through the winding mountain footpaths, mineral water streams and remote culture rich villages in the Carpathian mountains, Romania. The race is the first weekend in June.

Find out more about this year's race.

Where do we stay?

For one week Casa Ileana, a guest house in Fundu Moldovei becomes our base camp.

You will experience traditional food, with a little tweak, to make sure you have enough energy for each day while still giving you a chance to sample and enjoy local delicacies.

Who can enter?

We welcome walkers, runners and hikeres. You don't need to be super fit, just a reasonable level of fitness. 

For the 100km you need to be a minimum of 18. 

The 8km (Day 3) is open to all age groups. 

What's the after party?

To finish, you have the chance to sample part of this unforgettable way of life and enjoy our medal ceramony and after party, joined by the Mayor of Fundu Moldovei, with customary BBQ accompanied by mamaliga, homemade cheese and bread.

iTRA points 

iTRA (International Trail Running Association) awards 3 points to Ultrabug finishers. 

The points can be used for registering at various other races such as Lavaredo Ultra Trail, MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra-Trail),  Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard and ITRA races, some of which are qualifying races for UTMB

3 points itra.png
Race Info


Thursday, 30th of May

17:30 - 20:00 - registration and kit check in the school hall

19:00 - 20:00 - volunteers briefing


stage 1 - 42km

Friday, 31st of May

Witches Castle


8:30 - race briefing

9:00 - race start


Today we will get up close and personal with our first mountain which is opposite base camp. At the top you will have a breathtaking view of the beautiful surroundings. Your path will take you down to Botus and then back to Fundu Moldovei.


Fastest time: 3:35:00

Cut off time: 12h

stage 2 - 50km

Saturday, 1st of June

Rolling Hills


7:45 - race briefing

8:00 - race start


Today we turn local. You will go through a forest where the seeds are harvested for replanting within the working forest, through local farmland and over mountain peaks. The peace and tranquility will descend upon with only the sound of water streams, wind, cow bells and your own footsteps to fill the air


Fastest time: 4:15:02

Cut off time: 13h

stage 3 - 8km

Sunday, 2nd of June

Bootsy the Cow


9:45 - race briefing

10:00 - race start

13:00 - medal ceremony and party!!

Bootsy is Ileana's cow and will supply us with fresh organic milk. Today you will run through her fields - this is truly organic farming. After a short break we will make our way to the after party and enjoy a feast to remember with new friends.


Fastest time: 0:34:58

Fastest overall time:

Male: 8:25:38

Female: 10:58:22

Please note:

Routes are approximate and can changed without prior notice to the backup route in case of severe weather conditions



stage 1 - 42km

Friday, 31st of May

stage 2 - 50km

Saturday, 1st of June

stage 3 - 8km

Sunday, 2nd of June

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Please note:

Routes are approximate and can be changed without prior notice to the backup routes in case of severe weather conditions.

check points...

Check points are aproximately 7 - 12 km apart and supply the following:

  • water

  • coke

  • peanuts

  • crisps

  • chocolate

  • bananas

  • jelly sweets

  • sweet cookies

Please note that we DON'T supply energy gels

stage 1 - 42km

Friday, 31st of May

Witches Castle


CP1: 8.7km - Quarry, second gate

         * water only


CP2: 10.8km - Magurele (Witches

          Castle)  - 4x4 support


CP3: 15.6km - Sadova exit

          12km to next CP


CP4: 27.5km - Neagra, opposite

          church and ice cream hut

          cut-off: 5pm


CP5: 30.5km - Floarea - 4x4 support


CP6: 35.9km - Timan - 4x4 support

stage 2 - 50km

Saturday, 1st of June

Rolling Hills


CP1: 7.9km - Botus

         * water only

CP2: 16.3km - Orata monastery


CP3: 24.0km - Colacu hill top

          Haensel n Gretel forest exit

          4x4 support


CP4: 32.3km - Poiana Tiganescu 

          after "vertical stream" climb

          4x4 support


CP5: 40.2km - Arsineasa

           cut-off: 7pm


CP6: 45.6km - Marcel Vancea

          4x4 support

stage 3 - 8km

Sunday, 2nd of June

Bootsy the Cow


CP1: 2.8km - Arsineasa

          * water only



Medical support and security


Each check point will have a first aid kit.

The race is supported by:

  • Ambulance services

  • Police

  • Mountain Rescue (Gendarmerie)

Check Points

kit list...

complusory kit:

  • 1 litre water bottle or bladder

  • waterproof jacket

  • mobile phone with roaming enabled

  • warm long sleeve jacket

  • hat or bandana

  • gloves
additional kit:

  • hiking poles - highly recommended!

  • whistle

  • plasters

  • blister plasters

  • bit and sting relief cream

  • Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)

  • Imodium (Loperamide)

  • Piriton (Chlorpheniramine)

  • diarolyte

  • sun block

  • camera

  • mobile phone charger

  • power converters


International runners should have their own travel and accident insurance which covers any eventual cost of search and rescue. 

Kit List

race rules.

please note:

Equipment: Failure to carry ALL the compulsory equipment will lead to a 2-hour penalty or disqualification. It is a mountain race and the weather can change very quickly. It's for your own safety.


Littering will lead to a 2-hour penalty or disqualification.


Gates: Leave gates as you find them open or closed. We are working hard to build a relationship with the local shepherds. If you leave a gate open the shepherd might lose livestock. If this happens the responsible runner will have to bear the cost of replacing the livestock.

Race Rules
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